Title Source Date
Loan Defaults, Not Poor Credit, Is Making Renting Hard for Millennials CNBC 9/20/2017
Department of Education RFP Wars – Episode 26 insideARM 9/18/2017
7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable Forbes 9/12/2017
Drowning In Debt: U.S. Student Loan Balances Hit $1.4 Trillion CBS News 9/5/2017
Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early? CBS News 8/31/2017
ED Updates Court on Debt Collection RFP Status; Requests Extension insideARM 8/30/2017
Five Ways Smart People Beat Stress LinkedIn/Travis Bradberry 8/29/2017
Soaring Student Debt Costs Us All The Heritage Foundation 8/24/2017
Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Student Loans CNBC 8/21/2017
Americans’ Debt Level Notches a New Record High Fox Business 8/18/2017
ED Files Status Report on RFP Litigation; Planned Notice of Awards Date Seems in Doubt insideARM 8/15/2017
How to Decide Which Tasks to Delegate Harvard Business Review 8/7/2017
Debt Delinquencies Are Down, Offering a Silver Lining The Mercury News 8/4/2017
New U.S. Student Loan System to Be in Place in 2019: Education Department Credit and Collection News 8/2/2017
Current Payment Scam Impacts Collection Industry insideARM 7/26/2017
CFPB Publishes Update to Debt Collection Rulemaking Timeline insideARM 7/21/2017
6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently Forbes.com 7/7/2017
Department of Education Files Appeal of Preliminary Injunction; Briefing Deadlines Set insideARM 6/26/2017
ED RFP Litigation Continues Even While RFP “Do-Over” is in Progress insideARM 6/20/2017
How the Student Loan Collection System Ground to a Halt BuzzFeed 6/6/2017
Judge in ED Collection Litigation Reacts to OpEd and News Stories; Continues Preliminary Injunction Indefinitely insideARM 6/2/2017
7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable LinkedIn 6/1/2017
Federal Student Aid Chief Quits, Warning of Management Issues under DeVos The Washington Post 5/31/2017
Dept. of ED Amends Debt Collection RFP and Remediation Plan insideARM 5/30/2017
ED Proposes Single Source Model for Massive Student Loan Servicing Contract insideARM 5/23/2017
ED Proposes “Do Over” in RFP for Private Collection Services insideARM 5/22/2017
GAO Report on ED Decision Process Pulls No Punches insideARM 4/11/2017
Dept. of ED Sustains Protests of 12 Firms, Denies 4, Leaves 3 Hanging insideARM 3/29/2017

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